Pin ItI heard a very touching story by NBC’s Ann Curry the other evening.  We’ve all heard about the tragedy in Newtown, CN and have struggled to understand how and why something like this could happen.  It’s not often that I watch the news – I’d rather surround myself with happiness than the depressing stories that typically lace the news.  However, as I sat wrapping presents, I heard Ann tell her story of how just a few days prior she had tweeted “Imagine if everyone could commit to doing one act of kindness for every one of those children killed in Newtown.”…and people listened.  Reports have been coming in from literally all over the globe – on random acts of kindness – and it’s going viral.

From sending first responders thank you cards, taping an envelope with a little cash in it on the gas pump, to baking cookies for a neighbor…people are committing acts of kindness everywhere and they are sharing their stories.  You can search Twitter for #26Acts to follow what people have been doing (it’s heartwarming & inspiring!)

So naturally, I have been inspired too.  I created cards (download here: 26 Acts of Kindness Printable) that I have printed on card stock to hand out with my #26Acts.  I plan on writing  a short note on the back of the cards including the victim the act is in honor of.  Who knows – maybe it will inspire that person to pay it forward in some way.  Either way, I love the idea of helping someone out and remembering the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary.  They are all gone too soon.

I would love to hear from you – have you been inspired to perform random acts of kindness? Please share your ideas or the random acts of kindness you have already performed.   Thank you!


26 Acts of Kindness Printable


Compilation of the 26 Sandy Hook victims.

Names of the 26 Sandy Hook victims.


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