• 1 duck, fresh or thawed
  • 4 carrots, large, cleaned and peeled
  • 2 celery stocks or 2 firm apples or potatoes (I use a mixture)
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste
  • 2-3 layers of cheesecloth
  • 2 sprig(s) rosemary sprigs
  • 1 thyme, small bunch
  • 1 apple, tart, firm, or (lemon or orange)
  • 1 onion, small, peeled and quartered
  • large pieces of cheese cloth (to lift the bird out of the crock and to tie the herbs)

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Slow Cooker Duck (Dynasty) takes some time to prepare, but the reward is in the final result of a beautiful bird. Enjoy!

  1. The duck needs to be elevated inside the slow cooker, either with a wire rack, aluminum foil balls or use the carrots, celery, apples or potatoes in the bottom of the crock.
  2. Preparing the Duck is the next step: Remove the giblets from the duck. Place the duck on the cheese cloth making sure that it is big enough so you can lift the duck out of the slow cooker.
  3. Trim large pieces of fat from the duck and save, do not toss the fat out.
  4. With a paper towel pat the duck dry and add salt and pepper inside and out.
  5. Place a quartered lemon, orange or apple along with a quartered onion inside the duck.
  6. Place your herbs inside the duck next. (Tie them into a bouquet garni, (cheese cloth tied) as it will be easier to remove once the duck is cooked.)
  7. Saute the duck (breast side down) in a non-stick pan until the skin on the duck is lightly browned. You can also do both sides. This will give it more of a roasted look.
  8. NOTE: Browning the duck can also be done at the end of the cooking if you prefer, but found it is easier at the beginning as the duck might fall apart at the end.
  9. Place the duck in the slow cooker by lifting up the cheese cloth and placing inside the crock.
  10. Set the duck breast side up using the method you chose in step one.
  11. With a fork prick the skin of the breast several times to allow the juices to release from the duck.
  12. Tie the cheese cloth over the duck.
  13. Cover. Cook on Low for 6-7 hours or on High for 3 to 4 hours.
  14. NOTE: A wild duck will cook faster as it has less fat. Temperature should be 185′F.
  15. Half way through cooking, check the juice level. If the juices are above the bottom of the duck, with a turkey baster, ladle or skim the juices and save in a jar or sealed container and refrigerate for use in other dishes. Also use within a couple days, or freeze for several weeks.
  16. When the duck is cooked, remove by lifting it carefully using the cheese cloth to drain on a platter.
  17. If you chose to brown your duck up at this time, you would put the duck in at this time in a 425′F oven to crisp the skin up, draining on a paper towels.
  18. Before carving, let the duck sit for at least 10-15 minutes.

Carve and serve.

Like Chicken and Turkey, left over Duck can be used for all sorts of other recipes. Enjoy!

Happy Crocking!

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