• 3 lbs. Ribs, Roast or Loin
  • 12 oz. Soda
  • 16 oz. BBQ Sauce
  • 1 onion, white
  • Salt to Taste - optional
  • Pepper to Taste - optional

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Brynne K. M. shared a family favorite recipe with all of us! Brynne says you can use this recipe with ribs, roast or a loin. A great big Thank You to Brynne!

  1. Pour (Coke, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke or whatever you want)(your choice) over the meat in the slow cooker.
  2. Salt and pepper, Brynne uses more pepper and very little salt, if any!
  3. Cover. Cook on High for 5 hours. Drain the juices off after the 5 hour cooking time.
  4. Pour on your favorite bbq sauce. (A family favorite is Sweet Baby Ray’s!)
  5. Chop up some white onions and throw them in after you add the bbq sauce.
  6. Cover. Cook on High for another hour or so then turn to low until it is time to eat.
  7. You can cook this on Low for 10 hours while you are out or at work.

Note: Brynne has made this many times at her house!

Happy Crocking!

Provided by Brynne K. M. via Facebook

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